Missions We Support

Harvest of Blessings Food & Clothing Bank

Harvest of Blessing was founded by Jural and J.C. Toby as a non profit food & clothing bank in York, PA.  They understand first hand the hardships many people face that often leave them unable to provide food for their families. The vision of Harvest of Blessing is to “Stomp Out Hunger.”  Every Saturday they distribute 100’s of  meals and groceries to families in need from 10am-12noon at 339 South George Street, York, PA 17401.  For more information or to volunteer please, contact Jural & J.C. Toby ( Harvest of Blessings Facebook & Website)

New Life for Girls

New Life For Girls takes in women ages 18 and up, as well as  mothers and their children to a new way of living. They provide  a comprehensive 24 hr. residential program for those who are struggling with life controlling problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, and sexual abuse issues.  In this safe and loving environment lives are changed and transformed. For more  information  feel free to visit the New Life for Girls Website.

Dynamis World Ministires

Christopher Alam has preached the Gospel in over 60 nations so far, and hundreds of churches have been started as a fruit of this ministry.  Born in a Muslim family with Middle-Eastern origins, Christopher Alam received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1975.  After being threatened with execution, Christopher finally escaped to Sweden, where he was given political asylum.  Dynamis World Ministries started as a missions organization with Christopher Alam’s preaching behind the Iron Curtain  long before the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. From there, it spread to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In 1993 the Alams and the ministry’s headquarters moved from Sweden to Lancaster, PA.  Over the years, Dynamis World Ministries has been to many hard to reach and difficult areas, many of which were previously untouched by the Gospel message. In addition to the base in Africa, Dynamis World Ministries also has a base in Asia.  Through the full-time staff in this ‘closed’ nation in Southeast Asia, Dynamis World Ministries runs a Training Center for church planters and pioneers. For more  information  feel free to visit the Dynamis World Ministries Website.

New Beginnings International Training Centers

Since Bob and Mary Holland founded New Beginnings in 1986, they’ve been helping Jamaican youth find a “new beginning” after getting off to a bad start in life.  Many kids who were living off the streets, not only found a home and family, but also found a life changing relationship with Jesus there!  NBITC is licensed with the Ministry of Education and is developing a variety of educational programs for the local community. Their goal is to see that each student who participates in a program is set on the proper path where he can reach his full potential in God. Ministry takes place to the whole person (body, soul and spirit) through academic teaching, Bible study, school lunch program, in addition to heath and dental care. For more  information  feel free to visit the New Beginnings Training Center Website.

Tammy Salmon, YCF Missionary to Uganda, Africa.

Our very own Tammy Salmon moved to Uganda in September 2021!  Please be praying for her & the people of Uganda & feel free to visit Tammy’s Facebook page for updates & pictures or to contact for more information. Tammy is partnered with Soterion Ministries, which means Salvation in Greek. She serves in the Kampala location where they minister in stone quarries, do Bible studies in several communities around Kampala, planted 3 churches, do discipleship classes & have children’s Bible programs. In addition, they also give out Bibles & food, do water baptisms & minister in rural communities who have limited exposure to the gospel. You can also visit their website at www.abaanaproject.org for more information.

Rhema Bible Training Center

Brother Kenneth E. Hagin had a vision to teach the full gospel with faith and his son Kenneth W. Hagin helped to found Rhema Bible Training Center to  commit to reach, train, and equip this generation with the Gospel.   Since 1974, RBTC  has trained more than 60,000 graduates to take the Gospel around the World with 160 campuses worldwide.  RBTC has helped to equip and train countless missionaries and international pastors, sending them free monthly literature packets and promoting worldwide missions.  They also have a vast prison ministry, helping prisoners get their life right with God and then go onto take Biblical study course, while also providing  prison chaplains with free Bibles and faith-building books and recordings. For more  information  feel free to visit the RBTC Website.