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Hosting the Presence of the Holy Spirit
October 17, 2021

Hosting the Presence of the Holy Spirit-Part 4: Honor

Ever feel like you have destroyed your life? How do we break free from the shame cycle? Once you do, how do you help others do the same? how do you help others find a sense of honor again? Pastor Sheri digs deep into the topic of honor in the 4th message of her series, “Hosting […]

October 10, 2021

Hosting Presence of Holy Spirit Part 3: “Shine out”

Know anyone who suffers from perpetual “Stink Face?” Whatever you’re most aware of is revealed on your countenance. You can’t truly mask or fake your countenance. The true state of your heart will always leak through. When we take time to worship & reconnect with the pretense of Holy Spirit inside us, our countenance will shine out with the fruit of Holy Spirit & draw people to Jesus. Pastor Sheri shows us how we can reconnect & stir ourselves up to shine out for His glory. 

October 3, 2021

Hosting Presence of Holy Spirit Part 2: “Releasing”

Ever have someone walk into a room & then the whole room changes? We all carry a certain presence with us. Like the oil of joy, it not only leaves an impression but it’s transferable if release it.  The question is when you walk into a room, who’s presence & power do you release? What if we get so tuned in & overflowing with Holy Spirit, that the community of people around you start to change too.  This is truly the spirit filled life! In this series we’re going to learn how to steward the presence of Holy Spirit around us.