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Idol Series
March 6, 2022

Idols Series Part 4: Search for Success

Pastor Sheri teaches her final installment in her 4 part series on modern day idolatry.  This week she unmasks the idol of success, achievement & money, that we tend to look to try to scrape together a false sense of security, satisfaction & significance from. She digs deep into the roots of why we tend to get so critical of ourselves & others. It’s all about coming back to our first love & getting Jesus back on the throne of our hearts. 

February 27, 2022

Idols Part 3: gods of Pleasure

Pastor Sheri teaches Part 3 in her in depth series on Idols.  This week we unmask & dethrone idols of pleasure.  Entertainment, food & Sex are good things created by God, but they were never meant to replace the Lord as a source of comfort, fulfillment, joy & refuge.  In this message we learn how to become healthy in these areas again & live a fruitful life where Jesus is the center. 

February 20, 2022

Idols Part 2: Guarding the Throne of Your Heart

What does the word “heart” really mean? Why is it so important to identify who & what really sits on the throne of your heart as an idol? Pastor Sheri digs into scripture to help us do a spiritual heart test to help us get Jesus back on the throne as our 1st love & #1 priority.

February 13, 2022

Idols on our Loveseat

Our culture puts intense pressure on romance & relationships! Why are we led to believe that “all we need is love?” Today we are unmasking the idol, false God of romance & relationships.  There’s way too much pressure on our family & relationships to fulfill us, complete us & make us happy! Has the love of the gift, replace the “Giver” as our first love in our heart? The throne of our heart is meant for 1 person, King Jesus. The number 1 priority & place in our heart was never meant to be a loveseat for 2.