Fresh Start

December 31, 2017


Missionary Mary Holland gave a powerful message on getting a fresh start with fresh faith in the new year. Let’s step into victory as God is completing the work he started!  Let’s not take the negatives into next year. Where’s your heart at? Let’s clear out any unforgiveness & let it all go, because unforgiveness blocks kingdom power.

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Since Bob and Mary Holland founded New Beginnings in 1986, they’ve been helping Jamaican youth find a “new beginning” after getting off to a bad start in life.  Many kids who were living off the streets, not only found a home and family, but also found a life changing relationship with Jesus there!  NBITC is licensed with the Ministry of Education and is developing a variety of educational programs for the local community. Their goal is to see that each student who participates in a program is set on the proper path where he can reach his full potential in God. Ministry takes place to the whole person (body, soul and spirit) through academic teaching, Bible study, school lunch program, in addition to heath and dental care. For more  information  feel free to visit the New Beginnings Training Center Website.