Our Authority in Jesus Part 9: I Ain’t Afraid of No Demons!

October 23, 2022


Pastor Sheri teaches Part 9 in her series “Our Authority In Jesus.” Jesus has given you the authority to use the power of His name to bring healing & freedom wherever you go! In Matthew 10:1 “Jesus called his disciples & gave them authority to drive out impure evil spirits & to heal every kind of disease & every kind of sickness.” We are not afraid of demons or any powers of darkness, because they were all defeated at the cross 2,000 yrs ago & must bow & submit to the authority of the name of Jesus.  Pastor Sheri exposes some of the extremes & false teachings of why deliverance ministry was never meant to be so complicated or showy.  Demons are liars who want to distract you from your calling & waist your time.  Keep it simple & tell them to be quiet & go in the name of Jesus!

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