Holy Spirit Part 2 – Untying Public Tongues

March 31, 2019


Pastor Sheri teaches part 2 in her series, “Getting to Know the Holy Spirit’s Heart: Untying Tongues.”  Building on a foundation of  having the heart of the Holy Spirit for Unity & “the Lost,” we can clarify the purpose of tongues & learn to flow powerfully in this free gift of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  For some reason our minds get all tied up in knots over the topic of  the manifestation of the infilling of the Holy Spirit & evidence of tongues, mostly due to people abusing this gift by using it in the wrong manner or with the wrong motive.  In this teaching, she identifies the four different types of tongues, their purpose & how to freely flow with the Holy Spirit in them. (Please make a point to listen to Part I of her sermon 1st though.)

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